Why do people make use of counselling/speaking therapy?
Counselling is a great way to come closer to yourself, to take a step back from daily life in order to have a better overview, with a set time in your diary and a professional space to work on what is important to you.
People choose counselling for many reasons. Counselling can help with a wide range of difficulties for example. Such as; anxiety, abusive situations, bereavement, crisis, depression, spiritual questions, family problems, feeling insecure/low self esteem or a continuous lack of enthusiasm in life.
It can also be a great way to find extra support and encouragement (a personal coach) to make changes, start a new career, fulfil a dream, find more balance between stress and relaxation, work on your relationship/find a partner and so on.

If we have found
what we have most missed
yearned, longed for
in this world
We can start seeking
for a way to create this

Thus sometimes
our wounds too
can transform
into a new organ of perception
and not just I
but many
can become more whole