Biography work
Biography work can be done individually (like a one-to-one workshop) or in a group. You can work with the whole of your life, for example making a biographical chart or a life book. 
You can also work with a theme instead of your whole biography, for example: relationships, goodbyes, important changes, dreams or following a question that you have towards your life.
Biographical work is a way to explore and deepen your understanding of your own life and of life in general. Working one to one deeply focusses on your personal experiences and is a very safe, creative and confidential way to work with your life.
When working in (small) groups you can discover a rich variety and similarity in the personal stories of each other. This experience of sharing and listening can be deeply moving and healing, giving a feeling of being reunited to humanity. It is a personal as well as a social experience.

Let us speak
and build a bridge
nourishing humanity
made of you and me
my brother, my sister!
a bridge
between us
where oceans flow to divide
made of our differences
it is by sharing
the joys
the sorrows
the wounds
the wonders
that we unite into one world
shaped of many continents
where over, under and beyond
true water flows
washing us
in the heartbeat source
of God's ever beating Impulse
of Love