Is having counselling something for me?
More and more people find having counselling a way to receive healthy support in daily life outside of the immediate circle of friends and family. Counselling is a space free from obligations where you can speak in trust and total confidence.
The 'success' of counselling depends greatly on whether you feel able to connect with your experiences in a way that feels good to you. There are many different counselling methods, in biographical counselling you work with your past, present and future following the red thread of a question or theme in your life. This can be for example changing your career or finding a new way to relate to life after a bereavement. 
An initial trial session can be a good way to find out if biographical counselling is something for you.

If we have found
what we have most missed
yearned, longed for
in this world
We can start seeking
for a way to create this

Thus sometimes
our wounds too
can transform
into a new organ of perception
and not just I
but many
can become more whole