What is counselling?
Counselling is a place where you can find support in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere.
A counsellor listens to what you bring to the sessions. This is often the first step of a therapeutic process. To be able to share what you are going through to someone who really listens is often experienced as a big relief. Together with listening a counsellor will be asking supportive questions to help you to: explore the situation, express how you feel and encourage you to find your own answers or plans to deal with the situations that you bring. 
A counsellor is not a doctor but another equal human being who works out of the wish to understand what you are going through and how that impacts your life. Yet the counsellor is trained to give extra support to people who are facing difficult life circumstances and can work together with your doctor or therapist if you wish.
Through counselling a client will often experience: a relief of stress or painful emotions, an improved feeling of health and wellbeing, more energy, more self confidence and feeling more in control of what happens in life.

When the sun is shining
and all is going well
I can travel great distances
and reach many happy destinations
I feel appreciated and respected
among many other equal human beings

But in times of shadow
it is another story
Life can feel cold
as if I am not welcome
or not good enough
and that gift I have inside
the gift of being me
slowly gets forgotten

Sometimes I just need someone
who helps me to remember
how precious I am
how rich and valuable are my resources
my love and my humour
and then I can find myself again