Post Graduate Trainings

Training in Therapeutic-Medical Aspects of Biography work in Kassel, Germany. 

with Carine Biessels, Michaela Glöckler and Susanne Hofmeister

Language: German

The training addresses two groups of participants:

* Biographyworkers, who would like to train in the medical-therapeutic aspects of Biographywork, including the necessary boundaries with medical treatment, psychotherapy and psychiatry.

* Doctors and therapists, who would like to use the knowledge of the biographical interconnections with illnesses in accompanying their patients more consciously.

The training starts again in December 2020 in Kassel:

Modul 1: 3.-6. December 2020

Modul 2: 2.-5. December 2021

Modul 3: Date to be confirmed, December 2022

it is possible to partake of individual Moduls

Please contact for information. The training is accredited by the GAÄD.

Here is a brochure and timetable of Module 1. The costs are 420 Euros pro Modul, bursaries are available.

Zusatzkurs Biography work and listening skills University Witten-Herdecke

with Carine Biessels and Andrea Körsgen

Participants: Students in medicine or psychology/therapy, Doctors and other therapists are welcome

Language: German

Through the department of anthroposophic holistic medicine (IBAM) an "add on" course in Biographywork and listening skills is offered in the University of Witten-Herdecke. Students can learn, experience and practice methods in a 3 to 7 module course running over 3 terms. This course will be accredited as an extra method that they can use in their later work once graduated as a psychotherapist or doctor. The main aim is also to introduce biography work to the new generation of therapists and doctors. In addition the IBAM in the university offers students one to one confidential biographical counselling.

For more information:

The next course will start: January 2020