Currently running:

Training in Therapeutic-Medical Biography work
with Carine Biessels, Karl-Heinz Finke, Michaela Glöckler and Susanne Hofmeister
Language: German, translation in English is available.

The training addresses two groups of participants:

* Biographyworkers, who would like to train in the medical-therapeutic aspects of Biographywork, including the necessary boundaries with (anthroposophic) medical treatment, psychotherapy and psychiatry.

* Doctors and therapists, who would like to use the knowledge of the biographical interconnections with illnesses in accompanying their patients more consciously.

The next Modul (Modul 2) takes place 24-26th February in Kassel Germany. New participants are welcome! Please contact for information. The training is accredited by the GAÄD.

Zusatzkurs Biography work IBAM/P University Witten-Herdecke
with Carine Biessels and Andrea Körsgen
Language: German

Through the department of psychology and the department of anthroposophic medicine (IBAM) an "add on" course in Biographywork is offered in the University of Witten-Herdecke. Students can learn, experience and practice methods in a 3 to 7 module course running over 3 terms. This course will be accredited as an extra method that they can use in their later work as nurse, psychotherapist or doctor. The main aim is also to introduce biography work to the new generation of therapists and doctors. In addition the IBAM in the university offers students one to one confidential biographical counselling.

To the Biography course other professionals are able to take part, although no qualification is possible.
For more information:

The next course will start: Winter 2017

Portfolio - Past events

Conference: Wounds and Wonders - Worldwide Biography Conference - Dresden, D.
Co-organiser and course leader

Talk: Introduction to Biographical Counselling - Eugen Kolisko Akademie, Stuttgart, D.
An introducing talk on the working of empathy, equality, non judgement and counselling as profession in the Eugen Kolisko Akademie for anthroposophic medicine. The talk was a closed introduction for the therapists and doctors taking part in the course as part of introducing different therapeutic professions.

Course: Making Sense of Life - Emerson college, UK
Making Sense of Life was a biographical and self development course connected with the full time orientation programme "Its My Life" at Emerson College, UK. The course was open to local participants as well as part of the programme of the international students in the full time course. Making Sense of Life included a theoretic part on the developmental phases in Biographywork and how to make a biographical chart. The course ran on 10 Monday mornings in 2013.For more details please click on the flyer on the right or see the November 2012 article in Wellbeing Magazin.

Enlightening the Heart - Dornach, CH
Co-organiser and course leader

Course: Working with Questions in a therapeutic process
- Dornach, CH
This course was part of the Enlightening the Heart conference in Switzerland, a conference for young doctors and therapist. The workshop ran over 3 mornings and was given together with a colleague. We covered some of the basics of "what is therapeutic" and how to create a genuine atmosphere of being interested and supportive, keys to good questions and practice opportunities in helpful conversations.

Workshop: Brotherhood and Fatherhood
- Worldwide Biography Conference - Forest Row, UK.
This workshop was part of the Worldwide Biography Conference 2013 and given together with my colleague Giovanna Mabanta. It provided a space for working with events in our life where we experienced a "brotherhood" (conflict) situation and where we experienced a hierarchical (conflict) situation. The aim was to discover the difference in experience and solutions, in how it left us personally and how productive it was for the situation.

Course: This is My Life
- Emerson college, UK
This is My Life was a biographical and self development course connected with the full time orientation programme "Its My Life" at Emerson College, UK. The course ran on 10 Monday afternoons in 2012. Each afternoon was dedicated to a specific life theme, such as: working with making changes, dreams and wishes, working with anxiety and challenges, finding the hero inside yourself.

2010 - 2012
Workshop: Holy Moments
- Emerson college, UK
An evening workshop during the Holy Nights programme at Emerson College to reflect on some of the more precious experiences we had in our lives while a hearty fire burned in the background and mince pies where on the table.

Talk: What is Biographical Counselling? - Rudolf Steiner House, London, UK

An introduction to what is biographical counselling, including specifics of the counselling methods, case studies and a short history of the training and the Biography and Social Development Trust. The talk was given in

Conference: Worldwide Biography Conference - Forest Row, UK

2010 - 2011
Workshop: Working with Goodbyes
- Emerson college, Equilibrium Health Centre Lewes, UK
A workshop introducing my final research project on working with goodbyes and their effect on the future, including traumatic goodbyes and the goodbyes that run as life themes through our lives. The workshop ran several times in 2010 and 2011 in Emerson College and in Equilibrium Health Centre in Lewes and was later integrated in the courses "This is My Life" and "Making Sense of Life".

Workshop: Making a Biographical Chart
- Emerson college, UK
A workshop introducing various techniques to make a biographical life chart, including turning points, basic planetary constellations, important meetings, events, dreams and ideals. The workshop ran several times in Emerson College in 2010 and was later integrated in the courses "This is My Life" and "Making Sense of Life".

Workshop: Day dreams and Night Dreams
- Emerson college, UK
A workshop in Emerson College on the importance of dreams we meet in our lives, the night dreams coming from the subconscious and superconscious part of ourselves and the day dreams we create ourselves in a certain mood. How do these relate to us? Can they tell us something about ourselves? Can we become creative and work with both "kinds" of dreaming to come closer to ourselves, our needs, longings and wishes for life. The workshop was later integrated in the courses "This is My Life" and "Making Sense of Life".

2009 - 2010
Biographyworkweek - Youth Initiative Project (YIP) - Jarna, Sweden
Facilitation with a group of colleagues on the Biographywork week in the Youth Initiative Project, YIP, in Sweden. 

Biographical Counselling course

This is My Life

Working with Goodbyes