Training in Therapeutic-Medical Aspects of Biography work in Kassel, Germany. 
with Carine Biessels, Karl-Heinz Finke, Michaela Glöckler and Susanne Hofmeister
Language: German

The training addresses two groups of participants:

* Biographyworkers, who would like to train in the medical-therapeutic aspects of Biographywork, including the necessary boundaries with medical treatment, psychotherapy and psychiatry.

* Doctors and therapists, who would like to use the knowledge of the biographical interconnections with illnesses in accompanying their patients more consciously.

The next Module (Module 5) takes place 7-9th December 2018 in Kassel Germany. New participants are welcome! Please contact for information. The training is accredited by the GAÄD.

A brochure with application information and timetable of Module 5, about the I, you can find by clicking on the links.

Zusatzkurs Biography work IBAM/P University Witten-Herdecke
with Carine Biessels and Andrea Körsgen
Participants: Students in medicine or psychology/therapy
Language: German

Through the department of psychology and the department of anthroposophic medicine (IBAM) an "add on" course in Biographywork is offered in the University of Witten-Herdecke. Students can learn, experience and practice methods in a 3 to 7 module course running over 3 terms. This course will be accredited as an extra method that they can use in their later work as nurse, psychotherapist or doctor. The main aim is also to introduce biography work to the new generation of therapists and doctors. In addition the IBAM in the university offers students one to one confidential biographical counselling.

For more information:

The next course will start: January 2019

Portfolio - Past events

Conference: Wounds and Wonders - Worldwide Biography Conference - Dresden, Germany
Co-organiser and course leader



Course: Making Sense of Life - Emerson college, UK
Making Sense of Life was a biographical and self development course connected with the full time orientation programme "Its My Life" at Emerson College, UK. For more details see the November 2012 article in Wellbeing Magazin.

Conference: Enlightening the Heart - Dornach, Switzerland
Co-organiser and course leader in the course: Working with Questions in a therapeutic process
The Enlightening the Heart conference in Switzerland was an international conference for over 400 young doctors and therapist.  

Course: This is My Life- Emerson college, UK
Biographical and self development course connected with the full time orientation programme "Its My Life" at Emerson College. The course ran on 10 afternoons, each dedicated to a specific life theme, such as: working with making changes, dreams and wishes, anxiety and challenges, finding the hero in our own story.

Conference: Co-organiser Worldwide Biography Conference - Forest Row, UK

Talk: What is Biographical Counselling? - Rudolf Steiner House, London, UK

2010 and 2011
a series of repeated workshop at
 Emerson college, UK

2009 and 2010
Biographyworkweek - Youth Initiative Project (YIP) - Jarna, Sweden
Facilitation with a group of colleagues on the Biographywork week in the Youth Initiative Project, a Gap year project for young people.

Medizinisch Therapeutische Aspekte Biographiearbeit

Biographical Counselling course

Working with Goodbyes